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Air Force Commandership: CCTV systems.

Air Security: CCTV systems.

Akhbar. Al Youm Institution: Telephone exchange and computer network.

Arab Contractors: Lighting and control systems.

International Forum Newspaper: Telephone exchange.

Mobil Egypt: Computer systems.

ESSO Oil Company: Computer systems.

Taxation Administration Cooperative Society: Central Intercom and Central antenna.

ABB Company.

Central AirCraft Hangars in Helwan: CCTV systems and computer systems.

Studio Masr (El-Maryoteya): Access Control system.

British Petroleum Company B.P: Access Control system.

Nozha International Hospital: Computer systems.

EL - Mowasah Hospital (Koum Hamada): Telephone exchange.

Ganzoury Hospital: Central antenna and sound systems.

EL-Shorouk Hospital: Telephone exchange.

EL- Taher Radiology: Closed Circuits.

Dalah Company –Nations Restaurants: CCTV systems.

Miraco –Carrier: CCTV systems.

Arab Egypt Company for Computers: Telephone exchange.

Al-Hediah Software Company: Telephone exchange.

Unitech Egypt Company: Telephone exchange.

Winner Trade for Computer: Telephone exchange.

Ragab Ceramic Showroom: CCTV systems.

Hana Shawki Office - chartered accountant – Tax expert: Telephone exchange.

AL – Mahgoub Ceramic Showroom: CCTV systems.

Lady Rich Showroom: CCTV systems.

Hanemix Company: CCTV systems.

AL –Israa Mall: CCTV systems.

EL- Serage City Mall (Nasr City): CCTV systems.

Monte Carlo Fashion Series: CCTV systems and sound systems.

Al-Safwa Furniture showroom: CCTV systems, sound systems, and Telephone Exchange.

Dr. Ahmed Bahgat Consulting Office: computers.

Neroll Company for Trade and Industry: Computers and telephone exchange.

Aghakhan Buildings: Intercom system.

Egypt Mall (Adel Faris): TV monitoring systems.

Grand Mall (Maadi): Intercom System.

Éclair Confectionery: Telephone exchange.

Said El –Serag Company: CCTV systems, sound systems, and telephone exchange.

Pharmacia Company: Access Control system.

Jotun: Access Control system.

Artoc Auto: Car Parking System.

Toys R US (Arcadia Mall): Access Control system.

British American Topaco: Access Control system.

Nile City: Access Control system / Car Parking System.

Procter & Gamble (P&G): Access Control system / CCTV System.

Auto Gouda: CCTV systems.

Automotive: CCTV systems.

Al –Sabei Auto Show: CCTV systems, sound systems, and telephone exchange.

El –Masria Auto Show (Maadi): CCTV systems and sound systems.

Ghabour Group for Vehicle Manufacturing: CCTV systems.

Olympic Electric: Computer networks.

Crystal Asfour: Computer networks.

Noran Textile Factory (Mariouttia): CCTV systems.

Ramida Pharmaceuticals 6’October: CCTV systems

Abu – Zaabal Factory for Engineering Industries: Computer networks.

Sakar Factory (Arab Organization for Industrialization: CCTV systems.

Misr Café Factory: CCTV systems and sound systems.

Sarag Factory in Alexandria: CCTV systems.

Miss Egypt Factory: CCTV systems.

Riyadco 2000 Factory for furniture: CCTV systems, sound systems, and telephone exchange.

Kandeel Chandelier Factory: Computer networks.

Gelgela Textile Factory: Telephone exchange.

Nefertity Factory: Closed circuits.

Egyptian Japanese Company for Steel works: Telephone exchange.

Hossan Factory: Telephone exchange, sound system and CCTV systems.

Amira Factory: Closed Circuits.

Naser Factory for Shoes: Closed Circuits

Battrawy Leather Factory: Closed circuits.

Hossan Factory for Food: CCTV systems, sound systems and telephone exchange.

Bavaria Egypt: Telephone exchange.

Horus Language School: Computer systems, sound systems and telephone exchange.

El- Sadat Academy for Administrative Sciences: Computer systems.

Ministry of Higher Education: Computer systems.

Agricultural Research Center: Computer systems.

Faculty of Agriculture (Ain - Shams University): Computer systems

Higher institute of Technology (10th of Ramadan): Sound systems and Telephone exchange.

El-Shorouk Schools (Maadi): closed circuits.

Modern School: Closed – circuits.

Nefertari Language Schools (Cairo – Ismailia Road): Sound systems and CCTV systems

Port Said Schools: Closed Circuits.

Mobil Station (Maadi): CCTV systems.

Mobil Station (Kattameia): CCTV systems.

Mobil Station (EL –Nahas): CCTV systems.

Shell Station (Al-Haram): CCTV systems.

Esso Station (AL –Tayaran): CCTV systems.

El- Taawen Station (El –Sawah): CCTV systems.

Masr Petrol Station: CCTV systems..

Mobil Station (Gameat Al – Dowal Al –Arabia Street): CCTV systems.

entral Bank of Egypt (CBE): Closed circuits.

International Credit Bank (ICB): Closed circuits and computer systems.

Suez Canal Bank (SDB): Telephone exchange.

Commercial International Bank (CIB): Closed circuits.

Reham Village (Fayed): CCTV systems and sound systems.

King Hotel (Dokki): CCTV systems.

El –Waha Hotel (Cairo): CCTV systems.

Coral Beach Hotel (Sharm El- Sheikh): CCTV systems.

Taba Hilton: CCTV systems.

Movenpeck Hotel (Sharm El – Shiekh): CCTV systems

Cataract Hotel (Aswan): CCTV systems.

Rozetta Village (Sharm El-Shiekh): CCTV systems.

Citry Sharm Village: CCTV systems.

Sofatel Hotel (Maadi): CCTV systems.

Golden House (Sharm-El Shiekh): CCTV systems.

The Three Pyramids Hotel: CCTV systems.

Land Mark hotel: Fire alarm system

Ocean-Lodge Village (Sharm El-sheikh): CCTV systems and security gates.

City Stars Hotel: Car Parking System..

Awlad Ragab Series: CCTV systems, and sound systems.

Abu El –Naga Supermarket: Telephone exchange.

Queen Supermarket: CCTV systems.

Argos Supermarket: CCTV systems.

Family Store Supermarket: CCTV systems.

Fajr Supermarket: CCTV systems.

Aswak El Kasser Supermarket: CCTV systems.

Lebro Supermarket (El – Sanhory): CCTV systems, systems, and sound systems.

Reem Supermarket (Al-Golf): CCTV systems.

Saudi Supermarket: CCTV systems.