Our Services

Terms of expertise represented in an integrated team of Sales, Management and Engineers at the highest technical level became our footprint with International companies and agents all over the world we are their partners in Egypt and the Middle East

To offer the latest in technology they have achieved in the field of security services such as


Fire Alarm Systems

Anti Burglar Alarm Systems

Metal Detector


Time Attendance Systems

Access Control Systems

Public Address Systems

Explosives Seeker

Turnstile Gates

Magnetic Locks

Automatic Entry Systems


Car Parking Management System

Installation Section

Perform site inspection to determine the most appropriate security solutions using different systems 

A comprehensive conception of the site and a distinctive design balanced with efficiency and financial cost 

Implement the installation of the equipment in the projects according to the design of the most complete destination 

Continuous technical support either in the warranty period or in the case of maintenance contracts after the warranty period

Rapid Response to Maintenance of Emergency Systems for Maintenance Contracts

Provide suggestions to the customer in case the system needs to replace part of its parts