IBC الشركة الدولية للتجارة والاتصالات 




كود المنتج: 16000

  • SW cash machine
  • Automatic parking calculation, block printing

  • شارك :

  • Monitoring of passes, devices, parking vehicles, zone occupancy, device control, etc.
  • Views - reports of passes, card history and usage, issued cards, payments, statistics, etc.
  • Visitor management - bonus system for free exit, multiple issuers, variable bonus values etc.
  • Administration of parking - users, roles, hardware and devices settings, pricing, etc.
  • Pricing module with complex custom settings for charging parking fees, calendars, etc.
  • Public visitors, flat-rate users, individual company limitations and access levels, validity etc.
  • Cash register - manned cash for fee payments
  • Logs - system logs of user activity (multiple clients), device logs

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